Our missions

готовый1We have two or three different projects names. One of them is Challenge project by EVS. But independently of projects names we have only one mission is the help to the children from poor and unstable families. We are based in spiritual city Cluj-Napoca in the heart of Transilvania.

Cluj Napoca is a city with about 300 000 inhabitants, where Romanian, Hungarians and other nationalities live together. Cluj Napoca is one of the most popular university cities. The official language is Romanian, but many Hungarian students study here from all over Transylvania.


Christian Foundation Diakonia is a charity, non-profit organisation helping people in need: elderly people, terminally ill people, socially disabled children and Roma children.

The  after school type social programmes in Titulescu school was launched in 2010 with the aim to help the pupils from the district Gheorgheni in their learning difficulties.

The 14 beneficiaries, the children come to the programme after their classes, they have together meal financed by the city council . After meal they have outdoor activities, and later they do together with volunteers their homework, they have thematic workshops or creative/handcraft activities.

The tasks of the volunteers are:

In the morning they prepare activities for the day, they have meeting with the programme coordinator/ pedagogue/social worker and they make the daily plan/weekly plan.

At noon they go to the school where they welcome the children in a room who come from classes. They have together meal, they go and play outdoor games. The volunteers prepare and lead these games. After this first hour, the children go back to the room and they do their homeworks. The volunteers assist and help whenever needed, often explaining and working individually with the kids.  Every day the children have an alternative activity lead by the volunteers/ pedagogue. For these activities volunteers have the task to prepare with: searching for ideas (eg. Fairty tales,       handcrafts personality developing games, activities, environment, Biblical stories, chosen foreign language /German, English/, etc.)

The volunteers have twice a week activities in the social programme of Diakonia in the Octavian Goga school, assisting in doing homework and creative activities.

The volunteers participate in the family visits as well, accompanying the social worker.

Other tasks of the volunteers: besides the everyday tasks, the volunteers take part in:

the monthly meetings with the other volunteers and coordinator of volunteers of the project/voluntary programme;

Seminars organised by the voluntary programme/ or National Agency

Making promotion actions about the project, promoting voluntary service

Language course