Hannah Klischrat

IJFD volunteer.

My name is Hannah and since September 2015 I’m a volunteer here in Romania. I am 18 years old and live in Hannover/ Germany.

In my free time I like to sing, play guitar, draw or work with children. In Germany I lead a sportgroup for children, went babysitting and helped at children church service in my church community.

Now I am in a children programm in Diakonia. How suitable! I decided to be a volunteer because it’s the most excited and on the other hand the easiest way to discover an other country and it’s people and landscape. It was my biggest wish to make a year abroad after school. I applied for many different countries, also for Romania. My church community in Germany has a partnership to a church community in Romania. Thats why Romania doesn’t seem to be completly unfamiliar to me. So I didn’t hesitate long when my sending organisation told me I could spend my year in a children programm near to Cluj/ Romania.

I don’t expect a lot of this year except of a bit self-development. I am just excited for every day to discover something new…