Ivan Fomenko

EVS volunteer in the project Challenge.

Szia there! My name is Ivan. Now I am the volunteer in non-profit organization Diakonia. More precisely it is my EVS year. I am 24.

My original country is Russia, town Azov. Small town close to border with Ukraine. After 16 I left my home and moved to another city for studying in Uni. Later was army for one and half an year. And half an year I have traveled in India and Vietnam. I am very interesting in climbing. I like to write and now I have just started to write English and hope so it is not that bad. I am very curious person in communication with people. It is quite great to find new friends. After I arrived to Romania I found out a lot of new things about foreign cultures, and it is not only Romanian culture.

Why I chose to be a volunteer? For me it is very simple. Why not? Someone has to do it! Now it is me. It is completely new experience in my life and after one month I can say it is legen… wait for it.. dary! Legendary! Fantastic experience! And by the way I do it in Romania. I did not choose this country for volunteering, Romania chose me. It is quite complicated to explain what I mean, but I will try. When I was in Vietnam I saw announcement in the web and it was urgent vacancy. I wrote a motivation letter and CV, and after that I was sure this place is mine. Then after interview with Hajni and Norbi I was completely sure.

Our volunteering activity is working with disabled children in Goga and Tetulesku schools. It is social program by Christian Foundation Diakonia.  We spend 3 to 4 hours per day in different schools for it. And it is pretty interesting. All children are different, and all of them need different way to communicate. I will be spending 10 months in Romania while working with the children. I expect to improve my language and pedagogic skills, to find many new friends all around the world, and break down all my stereotypes about other cultures. Do not like to expect a lot of things, will see…

Mulțumesc pentru atenție. Om shanti!