Sasha Perinnikova

EVS volunteer in the project Challenge.

Hi there! My name is Sasha and for 10 month I’ve become a volunteer in Fundatia Crestina Diakonia in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

I’ve always wanted to take part in some kind of international project. So while living in Russia I was looking through different types of programmes, workcamps. That’s how I found out an Erasmus+.

In my last year of university I decided that I definitely should take part in it. So I started to look for a project. For me the most interesting subjects were the social or educational ones. And after sending CVs, answering questions for different organizations in different countries I found myself here in Romania. So now I work with children in small village not far from Cluj. Help them with homework, do different outdoor activities.

The main language of the project is Hungarian, and at the same time I need Romanian one because I live in Romania. Do I know any of these languages? No. But I work with kids who always try to help me or we just laugh together about how I try to communicate with them. And the same thing is happening when I walk in the city, go to the shop or something. People in Romania are open always want to help you.

Despite the fact that I’ve never thought about living in Romania, I really like it and look forward to what this year will bring!